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Our unchanging principles: “System - Principle - Authority - Record” S.P.O.R. To continuously improve its production capacity and production by using raw materials suitable for the environment and human health, by continuing its investments without compromising the "highest quality and most affordable Heat Treatment" line since its establishment, as a result of our commitment to

Not to use raw materials and chemicals that are harmful to the health of our employees and consumers at any stage of the production process, to provide all inputs in accordance with the European Union norms and at the highest quality, to fulfill the requests of our customers on time and completely, to increase our market share and competitiveness without compromising on quality, to reduce costs and to provide the most economical It has been adopted as a principle to produce the product, to deliver it within the specified time and to increase the satisfaction of the employees.

In order to achieve these goals, the awareness of quality must be understood, gained and shared by all personnel at the production levels.

In line with these principles, we have intensified our efforts to create a stronger awareness of quality in all phases from raw material purchase to delivery and to ensure continuity by securing it.

In line with all these purposes, our basic policy is to improve our operation with the help of developing technology and the contributions of our employees, to stabilize our quality level, to announce the AKALIN brand throughout the country and to contribute to the Turkish National Economy.

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