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Vacuum Hardening Furnace

Vacuum hardening process is a type of heat treatment used especially for hardening tool or high speed steels. The difference from the treatment process is heating and cooling environments. Heating is carried out in a vacuum-free oxygen-free environment, so that no scale or carburization or decarburization occurs on the surface of the part. The design of the vacuum heat treatment furnaces is suitable for increasing the high temperatures required by the tool steels heat treatment. 2 vacuum hardening furnaces are actively serving our valued customers in our facility.... !Devamını Oku >>

Our Visit to Alper Zor Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu High School

We have a tendency for the heat treatment trainee student application initiated by our MISAD association to open the way for heat treatment in our sector and bring the student to the sector. We visited our school principal, MISAD in Ankara, together with our members Hasan Bey and Ali Bey, in Ankara OSTIM ŞEHİT ALPER ZOR VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL. We informed about our MISAD activities, we talked about what can be done better in the new school year, and we took the word of 6 trainee students to the new year from the number of students who are now 2 in the new year. In addition, I have given the MISAD honorary membership mattress, which we could not present due to the intensity of our school principal before. Abdullah AKALIN... !Devamını Oku >>

Visit of Mr. Nurettin Özdebir, Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Industry, to Our Factory

Chairman of the Board of ASO, where I am a member of the Iron and Metal Works Industry Committee. Nurettin Özdebir visited our factory today as an invitation. During the visit, the main problems of our sector were conveyed to them. Especially, our sector enterprises were included in the “very dangerous” business group within the scope of OHS, and the legislative difficulties we faced were voiced and they were asked to take action to take measures to ease our businesses in this regard. For example, according to some sectors in the very dangerous works class where the danger risks are very high, different classifications are required due to the lower risk risks of heat treatment enterprises, and the requirements for providing such classifications with legal regulations were explained. For example, it was explained that the risk values ​​of an iron and steel factory, an oil... !Devamını Oku >>

SMEs have learned to export by necessity.

The members of the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) Iron and Metal Works Industry Committee, the guest of the Round Table, stated that they would be hopeful in 2020 if access to finance becomes easier. GENERAL MANAGER OF AKALIN ISIL İŞLEM ÇELİK SANAYİ VE TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ ABDULLAH AKALIN:Poor quality imported products shake the market● Akalın Heat Treatment Çelik San ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. and also AKL Çelik Metal San. And Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. I am the general manager of companies. Our dependence on foreign production in terms of stainless steel and qualified steel production continues. In this sense, the unit prices of stainless steel and super alloy steels that are needed and not produced in our country vary between $ 2,500 / ton and $ 10,000 / ton. At the same time, poor quality and non-standard, non-certified steels that come to our country through imports contin... !Devamını Oku >>

Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, Rector of Ostim Technical University, Visited Our Factory

OSTİM TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY RECTORPROF. DR. VISIT OF MURAT YÜLEK FACTORY Rector of Ostim University Dr. We extend our sincere thanks and respect to Murat YÜLEK for his visit to our factory and their relevance.OSTIM UNIVERSITY, which our company has an agreement with, visited the industry cooperation protocol. Our company has an internship agreement and provides support during the training process. Abdullah AKALIN... !Devamını Oku >>